Thursday, April 23, 2015

Freedom of speech

  1. "Leaked Sony emails reveal Hollywood execs efforts to support Israel"
  2. "Sony CEO 'couldn't wait' to meet Netanyahu, leaked emails show"
  3. "WikiLeaks shows Sony concerned by IDF's use of its cameras in Gaza bombings"
  4. "How the Rich Get Into Ivies: Behind the Scenes of Elite Admissions"
  5. "Sony Execs Freaked Out That Its Marketing People Wanted To Use Torrents For Marketing"
  6. "As Sony Continues Threatening Reporters, NY Times Reporter Wins Pulitzer For Reporting On Sony's Emails"
  7. "Our Response To Sony Sending Us A Threat Letter For Reporting On The Company's Leaked Emails" (see "Streisand effect"; note that the argument used in the letter, that the action of WikiLeaks somehow 'rewards' North Korea, is hilariously stupid)
  8. "Chris Dodd's Email Reveals What MPAA Really Thinks Of Fair Use: 'Extremely Controversial'"  Of all the whores in and around the Washington cesspool, Chris Dodd is the whoriest.
  9. "Chris Dodd Implies US Gov't Should Go After Wikileaks For Publishing Leaked Sony Emails"
  10. "Leaked Emails Reveal MPAA Plans To Pay Elected Officials To Attack Google"
  11. "Sony should not be able to tell journalists what to print"
What are the assholes working on now?: "Israel Launches Initiative to Have Antisemitism Recognized as an International Crime"

How to lie with graphs:  "A lesson from the New York Times on how to mislead with numbers"

"Monsanto Launches Smear Campaign Against Doctor Oz And The World Health Organization"  Dr Oz is a snake oil salesman, but he is under attack for the specific reason that he has attacked Monsanto and the crooked regulators over Monsanto's poisonous glyphosate.

"Today’s Blind Items – The Bohemian Grove Blackmail"  "Why I Called Lindsey Graham 'Ambiguously Gay'"  "Lindsey Graham’s “All-Jewish Cabinet”" 

"Fallout reaches the ivory tower"

"Boehner Opens Another Heap Of Letters From Constituents Asking To Give Corporations More Tax Breaks"
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