Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Halo effect

"Re: Happy New Year. Too bad Germany is now a no travel zone for jews"  Sony emails on 'Klinghoffer' (my emphasis in red):
"I have written a letter to peter gelb and they did agree to not simulcast the opera in HD as one concession I suggest though that we each call him on Monday at his office at the Met and your point about the mets donors leverage is important. Only issue around this one is as members of the artistic community it is very hard to be pro free speech only some of the time and not all of the time. "
"Leaked emails reveal Hollywood execs at work for Israel"

"How to get into Harvard":
"WikiLeaks has published all the Sony emails that had been hacked last November, and made them searchable by keyword. In 2014, a senior executive emailed an Ivy League vice-president of philanthropy: he’d like to endow a scholarship, anonymously, ‘at the $1mm level’. In another email, he tells a development officer that his daughter is applying to the college as her first choice. It’s all very decorous. The development staff arrange a ‘customised’ campus tour for his daughter and a meeting with the university’s president; but he asks for no favours and nothing is promised. An email from the president says that his daughter’s application will be looked at ‘very closely’. She gets in. He writes to his sister: ‘David… called me.  he is obsessed with getting his eldest in Harvard next year.’ She replies: ‘If David wants to get his daughter in he should obviously start giving money.’ Obviously."
"Re: Travel questions":
"I saw Mom on Friday before I left and she really seemed well.  Please let me know if I should be calling Ralph more - I don't want to appear phony and so tend to call for a reason and have a really nice talk each time.  But happy to call more on your instructions. If David wants to get his daughter in he should obviously start giving money since I don't think your halo effect will work for 4 kids.  Did you tell him that?  Maybe have him meet with Roger Cheever?"
"WikiLeaks Docs: Sony Chiefs Met With Cameron Ahead of Scottish Referendum" "Background/Briefing for PM Cameron Event"

"Leaked emails expose Sony concern over report its cameras used in Gaza attack"

""Adolph "Al" Schwimmer" FBI Counterintelligence files."

"America's Waning Influence: Beijing To Invest $46 Billion In Energy, Infrastructure For US "Ally""  The United States can't afford to develop Pakistan - and make a huge amount of money doing so - as it spends too much money fighting a drone War For The Jews against Pakistan.  This, in a nutshell, is the collapse of the American Empire.

"Why I require FBI agents to visit the Holocaust Museum"  "FBI Director’s Holocaust Remark 'Outrageous' - Polish Foreign Minister"  "Sorry. Comey Had a Point"

"Further questions raised about whether or not Lord Janner is fit to stand trial"  He was running a Zionist pedophilia blackmail operation on a very large scale, so the British establishment has had to develop the concept of temporary Alzheimer’s disease.  "How stuff works: Greville Janner, his son. his friend and the DPP"

"Why Europe Lets People Drown"  A large percentage of these people are trying to escape Wars For The Jews.

"The West Snubs Russia over V-E Day"

"Sahra Wagenknecht: EU Policy Has Destroyed Ukraine and Damaged Europe"

"Mexico: Federal Police Implicated in Apatzingán Massacre (Graphic Images)"

"The prosecutors ask Assange for clarifications"  I can remember when this interview in London was 'impossible'.

"Assange: How 'The Guardian' Milked Edward Snowden's Story"

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