Sunday, April 05, 2015

Happy Birthday!

"Where in Afghanistan Did $35 Billion Go?"  A pattern:  "Missing Iraq cash 'as high as $18bn'"  "a trillion here, a trillion there ..."  It is funny how this is always - for decades now - shrugged off as some problem with Pentagon accounting practices based on allegations that the military uses too many different database systems.  This money was actually stolen, and stolen by people who could hide the evidence of theft, i. e., Pentagon insiders.

"U.S. to Start Training Nazi Troops in Ukraine, on April 20th, Hitler’s Birthday"

"Judy Miller: Hans Blix Bears More Responsibility For The Iraq War Than I Do"  World Jewry is still furious with Hanx Blix for refusing to be a good shabbos goy and provide the lies they demanded.  Hitler's reputation is slowly being rehabilitated - don't underestimate the effect of all those YouTube parodies of the Bruno Ganz performance, where Hitler is portrayed as the voice of Everyman - but absolutely nothing can fix the reputation of this fucking Jewish lying warmonger.

"On Iran, the Least-Worst Option"  Hilarious.  Note the tension between the usual outright warmongering and the necessity to keep his position as a 'respectable' columnist.

"Now Obama needs to ‘compensate’ Netanyahu — NYT pipes Israeli propaganda (Update)"  Note how Rudoren was annoyed at having to wait for Bibi to email her the article.  Also note the express discussion of using this deal to extort more American money!

"April 2nd, 2015, A Day That Will Live On Infamously."
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