Thursday, April 16, 2015

Heaven help us all!

"FBI Uncovers Al-Qaeda Plot To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Collapse Of United States"  Explains better than any serious story why there is no Islamist terrorism against the United States, and why the FBI has to go to such lengths to make up phony terrorist plots.

From 2007, hilarious three part evisceration of Hillary Clinton by Alexander Cockburn And Jeffrey St. Clair, starting here.  Heaven help us all!

Tweet (Ali Gharib):
"Seamless transition from Holocaust Memorial Day to opposing Iran nuclear diplomacy."
"Another ally of Ukraine ex-president Yanukovych found dead"

"Ukraine Analysis by the Saker: a “Croatian” attack scenario?":
"The single most important actor in the Ukrainian crisis are the USA which has far more influence than the EU or any local political force.  And the fact is that the USA have everything to lose from a peaceful outcome of the Ukrainian civil war.  Why?  Simple!

The US powerbase in the Ukraine is composed of two very different groups: first, the Nazi ultra-nationalist freaks with very strong ties to the Ukie emigrants in Canada and the USA and, second, the corrupt oligarchs.  Now here is the key factor here: neither of these two groups are a majority of the Ukrainian people, even if we exclude the Donbass.  In fact, even when put together into one “pro-US 5th column” the Nazi freaks and Ukie oligarchs are still not a majority.  This crucial fact translates into a very simple but crucial policy imperative: the USA cannot allow anything remotely “democratic” in the Ukraine: it is either “people power” or “US power”, but it will never be both.  From that flows a 2nd very simple policy imperative: the US needs to maintain a state of crisis at all costs: war, civil war, industrial or ecological disaster, MH-17, unknown snipers, etc.  Peace will sooner or later bring some form of people power which, in turn, will mean that the USA would lose control of the situation."

"New questions in mysterious death of Argentine prosecutor after mother discovers gun"  Maybe he borrowed the gun as he couldn't remember where his gun was, or didn't have time to fetch it.
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