Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Moving fast

"The Pakistani stance on Yemen … and its implications for Saudi–Arabia":
"In addition to abstaining from any military friction, the Pakistani leadership had something else in mind when it announced its refusal to commit ground troops to operation "Decisive Storm". Almost simultaneously to Islamabad's declaration of neutrality, China announced it would build a natural gas pipeline linking Iran to Pakistan, and possibly continuing further into China once the first part between Asalyuyeh (Iran) and Nawabshah (Pakistan) was finished. This project had long been delayed but US opposition to it, but after the signing of the interim agreement with Tehran, China seems eager to move ahead quickly."
"Iranian Minister to Discuss S-300 Missile Defense System Delivery in Moscow" "Kremlin confirms oil-for-goods swap with Iran under way"

If the Americans don't rush to lift the sanctions on Iran there won't be any Iranian market left for American corporations.
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