Saturday, April 11, 2015


"For Valentina Lisitsa, not a note of regret after TSO snub"  Neo-Nazis take a sudden detailed interest in hate speech.  By the way, the Ukrainian junta is shelling civilians again.

"The Easter Bunny Goes To Kiev — Canada Announces Second Ukraine Loan Of $200 Million — Audit Provisions Dropped For $400 Million In Canadian Financing For Ukraine’s Military Operations"  Ha!:
"A spokesman for Foreign Minister Rob Nicholson concedes the money is not being audited as the announced loan agreements require. Nicholson, according to Johanna Quinney in Ottawa, doesn’t know whether the first $200 million has been spent through the Ukrainian budget on military operations in the civil war in the east, or against Russia. In signing for the money to fund the war, Nicholson, who is running for election in six months’ time in the Niagara Falls constituency near the US frontier, may be violating Canadian law, Ottawa sources say."

"Toronto lawyer claims he’s target of death threat from Rwandan government"  You can see why the Canadian government has no interest in helping:
"Black is a controversial figure who holds strong views that challenge accepted wisdom on war crimes. He has argued the innocence of accused war criminal Slobodan Milosevic and attacked former international prosecutor Canadian Louise Arbour for halting an inquiry into the downing of the plane that killed the presidents of Rwanda and Burundi in 1994 — the incident that triggered the genocide.
His view of the genocide is far from the accepted narrative. He alleges that the Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front and Kagame, then military leader, are also responsible for mass killings of political and military opponents during the genocide."
"Prepare To Faint From Shock……"

More fainting:  "California Urban Water Use Restricted While Regulators Give Oil Industry Two More Years To Operate Injection Wells In Protected Groundwater Aquifers"

The quintessential headline of our time:  "Sprint to pay US $15.5 million for overcharged wiretaps"

"Ecuador's Hitler-Quoting President Burned by Rad T-Shirt"  I assume this vile piece has something to do with Barry getting roasted in Panama.

"Anger as Merkel Sells German Sub to Israel Without Consulting EU"  Germany has lots of money to pay to allow World Jewry to nuke Europe - I assume they are blackmailing Merkel with information about her Stasi years - but none to pay justly owing debts to the suffering people of Greece:  "Greece Releases Graphic Footage From Nazi Occupation, Ups WWII Reparations Pressure"

The wisdom behind the difficulty in obtaining convictions in rape cases is proven by the Rolling Stone article debacle (which amazingly ended with Wenner blaming the entire thing on the victim).  "The seething ethnic hostility behind the Rolling Stone scandal"
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