Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Saudi victory

Tweet (Max Blumenthal):
"KSA's @KingSalman declares Mission Accomplished in #Yemen (thanks @Baanzeen!)"
It is obvious what happened. The spin is that Barry was concerned about 'collateral damage', but the Americans don't care about that.  Since the Saudis have started dropping bombs on civilians, the Houthis have been doing very well, so well that continuing the Saudi attack would require Saudi boots on the ground.  The Houthis would then beat the Saudis so badly that:
  1. people in Saudi Arabia would question the value of spending hundreds of billions of dollars on arms the Saudis can't use, thus destabilizing both Saudi Arabia and the American arms business;
  2. everybody in the world would know for certain that the Saudi military is worse than useless, which might give people ideas;
  3. Saudi defeat might even result in the loss of control over the oil fields, even the slightest threat of which would require American boots on the ground, ruining Barry's Presidency.
Thus, it was necessary for the Saudis to declare victory, put their tails between their legs, and run like hell.  The war will now continue between the Houthis and Saudi/American proxy al Qaeda, though nobody in the mainstream media dares to identify it as such.

By the way, it appears that Pakistan's refusal to provide troops to defend the Saudis played a big, maybe determinative, role in how things played out.
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