Sunday, April 26, 2015

You couldn't have a more mild and lovely Spring day

"Jewish organizations in Argentina charged with treason"  The simplicity to the solution of so many problems is surprising.

Speaking of treason:  "AIPAC vs. the Neocons on Iran".  Some of the Jewish billionaires have realized that their machinations won't be sufficient to ruin the Iran deal, so they want their minions in Congress to try again.

"Racist Israelis on Facebook cheer the death of asylum-seekers who were coerced to leave Israel by threat of prolonged detention."

"Sony and the Israeli lobby":
"If one is to allege what now is being released through the Sony emails on Wikileaks one would have been accused of nutty conspiracy theory about the tentacles of the Israeli lobby."

"Interview: Eyewitness to the Odessa massacre of May 2, 2014"

"Ukraine as I Knew It Is Over Forever"

"The Unexplained Connection Between the FBI and Two Muslim Friends Killed by Law Enforcement"  Read the comments:  "You couldn't have a more mild and lovely Spring day."

"Lord Janner still being protected, alleged victim claims"  "Janner gave his children deeds to his £2m home at height of abuse probe in echo of Stuart Hall case, move could slash potential payouts"  "Lord Janner could face dementia test, child abuse lawyer says"  Isn't it funny how you can be sufficiently mentally competent to sit in the House of Lords and pass laws, and sufficiently mentally competent to transfer millions of pounds from your estate to protect it from the righteous claims of the boys you've attacked, but not mentally competent enough to stand trial for your horrible crimes?  We're seeing uncharted levels of corruption to protect this Zionist blackmail operation.  "Keith Vaz helped kill a 90s probe into the Greville Janner claims: why is he silent now?"  "Lord Janner detective: We had proof to charge child sex politician 20 years ago... But top brass told us to stop"

"Exclusive: Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough, Part 1 of 2" "Exclusive: Oklahoma City Bombing Breakthrough, Part 2 of 2"  I wonder if Andy is still around to be questioned.  Not that you could find an American 'journalist' who would have any interest in doing so.

"This Offer Could Change History’s Course Before Our Very Eyes"  The map is interesting.
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