Wednesday, May 06, 2015


"NDP wins stunning majority in Alberta election, Jim Prentice resigns"  These are real socialists winning in one of the most conservative places in Canada.  For decades, it has been inconceivable that anyone other than a Conservative could win in Alberta.  For Americans, I'd like to say it is as if _______ won as governor of some state, but there is nobody to put in the blank.  It is as if Eugene Debs won the 1912 Presidential election.

"Thomas Piketty on Saudi Arabia"

Tweet (Anonymous):
"Why didn't kill Speers. "
"The epic legal battle for Omar Khadr’s release" (my emphasis in red):
"This meaning Khadr’s legal odyssey: three times to the Supreme Court of Canada, dozens of lower court hearings, a multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit and more than half a million in taxpayer dollars spent on the government’s legal fight against the former Guantanamo Bay detainee.

So far, Ottawa has lost every case."
Having fuck all else to run on, and an election coming up, Harper has decided to put all his campaigning eggs in the basket of proving he is the biggest asshole in Canada.  Given the Alberta election result, with Alberta being Asshole Central, there may not be enough assholes in Canada to save him.  Until then, pile on Khadr:  "Alberta court delays Omar Khadr bail decision for 48 hours"

"recalled watching a civilian while he was “writhing in pain""

"It's Official: The U.S. Collaborates With Al Qaeda"

"New York Times Publishes Name Of CIA's Drone Strike 'Architect' While Other Media Outlets Pretend This Is Still Some Sort Of Secret"  We see a lot of this phenomenon - with the NYT often on the other side, particularly in attempting to hide the awful truth about Israel - of pretending that the internet doesn't exist.  Tweet (Peter Feld):
"Explosive Israeli soldier testimony in BBC, Guardian, Telegraph, Haaretz, WaPo but not 's "

"The Other Side to "Monuments Men""

"Sheldon Adelson: Wild card"  He's matured from the 76-year-old 'wild card' to the 80-year-old responsible adult of today.  What if his real plan is to so embarrass the Republican candidates that his real pawn, Hillary, wins?
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