Saturday, May 30, 2015


  1. $3.5 million is a lot of money for this kind of thing.  Was Hastert feeling guilty?
  2. This is being described as 'extortion'.  Had the victim employed a lawyer the payments would have been described as a 'settlement'.
  3. Hastert became speaker as the Republicans at the time (the post-Lewinsky era) couldn't find anyone else who wasn't involved in a sex scandal, and Hastert himself eventually exited politics due to allegations he and his staff had covered up the Foley sex scandal.
  4. While speaker, and subsequently as a lobbyist, Hastert became enormously rich.
  5. Hastert got caught on money laundering provisions that are in place for the War On Terror as part of the Patriot Act he pushed through.  Ha!
  6. There are specific parts of the legislation involving money withdrawals, but Hastert got caught primarily for attempting to evade the law.  In other words, complying with the law is a crime.
  7. If cash is illegal, how will bribes be paid? 
  8. "Denny Hastert's Creepy C-SPAN Call: 'Remember Me?'"
  9. "Franklin child prostitution ring allegations"  Officially a hoax.
  10. Superb picture.
  11. Wayne Madsen, who is generally held by 'journalists' to be completely beneath contempt, got the background of this story entirely right years ago.  What if Madsen is right about everything?
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