Sunday, May 10, 2015

Just once

"Exclusive: Why a company chairman supported a Prophet Mohammad cartoon event"  Robert J. Shillman Philanthropy  Whenever you see something really, really awful there is always a Jewish billionaire hiding in the wings, providing funding.

"The Jewish Billionaire Behind a New Christian Anti-Iran Group":  Singer

"Billionaire Lifts Marco Rubio, Politically and Personally"

"The March of the Immortal Regiment - TTG":
"RT interviewed an Englishman participating in the march. John Laughland carried his uncle’s photo while marching with the Immortal Regiment in Moscow. His uncle, his father’s younger brother, died while serving with the Royal Navy on Arctic convoy duty. Also marching with the Immortal Regiment, was Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin carrying a large framed photo of his father. I’m sure he had security nearby, but they weren’t evident on the RT report. The image was of the President of Russia marching shoulder to shoulder with his fellow Russians honoring their fathers and mothers and keeping their memories alive. This image and the whole idea of the Immortal Regiment leaves me in awe.

In stark contrast, our boycotting of the Victory Day celebration in Moscow was shameful and petty. To force others to join us in this boycott is beyond shameful. And all this to support Nuland's Nazi adoring, atrocity committing  junta in Kiev. It fills me with disgust."
"Modern Ukraine RIP (Born 1991- Died 2014)"  "It has started or Wise up Macedonians!"  Ukraine should be a cautionary tale, as once you go down this road your country is permanently ruined.

"US frowns at India-Iran port deal"

What an curiosity it would be if the American government just once - just once - did something positive and in its own national interest.  We'd all fall down dead in amazement.

"Monsanto operatives bully academics who discuss cancer links to GMOs and glyphosate"  "Colombians Tired of US Planes Dumping Tons of Monsanto’s Roundup on Them to Fight the Drug War"
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