Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Kind of creepy

Tweet (Chase Madar):
"This would be cute from John McCain but from the former head of Amnesty Int'l USA it's kind of creepy. "
Trying to make lemonade out of lemons, the new spin is that Russia in now horribly burdened by eastern Ukraine: "Out of Kiev’s Hands".  You encounter some really weird arguments - remember all the silliness about 'wars for oil'? - when you try to explain American government actions taken solely as a result of Jewish corruption in American politics as policies which actually benefit the USA.

"Costas Lapavitsas: The Syriza strategy has come to an end"  Clear and straightforward.

"Why The Powers That Be Are Pushing A Cashless Society"  If Canada were to ban cash to force people to have to operate through banks, people would just buy American dollars and stuff them in mattresses.  Is this big plan supposed to coincide with the end of the American dollar as the de facto world reserve currency?  A huge part of American power rests on its unique ability to print countless dollars - most used to fight Wars For The Jews, some given as gifts to the 0.1% by central banking shenanigans - with no inflationary consequences.  Is the plan that there will be no replacement world reserve currency?

"North Korea May Have Two-Thirds of World’s Rare Earths"  The upcoming massive trauma to USA-Japan is the reunification of Korea.

"Scientist Who Attacked Columbia University Dr. Oz Received Money from Junk Food, Biotech and Vaccine Companies"

There are some American Christians who might be upset that one of the main consequences of all the Wars For The Jews is the ethnic cleansing of real original Christians from the Middle East:  ""US to Iraqi Nun: Stay Out, We Don’t Trust You:  The State Department is blocking an Iraqi nun from speaking in the US about the persecution of Christians in the Middle East""

"'Fire at every person you see': Israeli soldiers reveal they were ordered to shoot to kill in Gaza – even if the targets may have been civilians":
"“While the testimonies include pointed descriptions of inappropriate behavior by soldiers in the field, the more disturbing picture that arises from these testimonies reflects systematic policies that were dictated to IDF forces of all ranks and in all zones,” the report says.
“The guiding military principle of ‘minimum risk to our forces, even at the cost of harming innocent civilians,’ alongside efforts to deter and intimidate the Palestinians, led to massive and unprecedented harm to the population and the civilian infrastructure in the Gaza Strip. Policymakers could have predicted these results prior to the operation and were surely aware of them throughout.”
Chief among Breaking the Silence’s findings is that the IDF watered down the rules of engagement such that any person in a combat zone was considered an enemy threat.
“Many of the soldiers testified that the rules of engagement they were provided with before the ground incursion into Gaza were unclear and lenient. The soldiers were briefed by their commanders to fire at every person they identified in a combat zone, since the working assumption was that every person in the field was an enemy,” Breaking the Silence claims."

"Lauryn Hill cancels Israeli concert after calls for boycott"  "Dear Friends and Fans in Israel"  She wisely opted not to be numbered amongst the geriatrics, losers and has-beens who perform in Israel.

"What is Sacred to Americans?":
"When the “Charlie Hebdo” people were massacred in Paris last January 7, we contacted major media in the US and Britain to remind them, in the midst of their stirring hoopla for the rights of “Charlie” to denigrate Muhammad, that two English guys had rotted in prison because the West does not confer that same right on satires of Holocaustianity. We were ignored.

In the U.S. there is that right in theory, but in fact those who satirize the Talmud, the Holy State of Counterfeit “Israel,” and those miraculous execution gas chambers, most likely won’t be able find a hall or building to rent for an exhibition; they won’t have police protection or a well-funded New York “freedom of expression” organization behind them. What is the use of a right if one can’t exercise it? The level of demonization of “Holocaust” satirists is so savage it mostly preempts our right to any meaningful exercise of freedom of the press.

So which is more sacred: the fake homicidal gas chambers of Auschwitz-Birkenau, or the person of Muhammad? There’s no contest. Holocaustianity is the informal civic religion of the West; the last truly believed religion in the otherwise agnostic West. Woe to those who would even think of mocking it."
Tweet (Imraan Siddiqi):
"Remember when these "Free Speech Champions" tried to stop Al Jazeera from coming to America? Oops."

"Mexican Officials Say Dave Goldberg Died After Falling Off Treadmill" The new dangers of exercise equipment. The way this death was handled led to much speculation.  "Shouldn’t have leaned in, I guess."

"Sam Harris Made Himself Look Like an Idiot in a Email Exchange with Chomsky and Has Shared It with the World"
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