Thursday, May 28, 2015

Latest Yinon

"Arrests by US as FIFA mulls giving Israel boot" by Jonathan Cook:
Anyone who doubts how seriously Israel is taking the threat of being ousted from FIFA and how actively its supporters are working behind the scenes at the world body should read the comments of Avi Luzon, Israel’s representative to UEFA, European football’s governing body. Ominously, he says UEFA’s support for Israel is sown up and suggests that UEFA will prevent Israel’s suspension whatever the outcome of the vote.
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: UEFA will not let Israel be harmed, especially as there is no reason for it. An agreement has been reached on a four-point draft that is acceptable to [Israeli PM Benjamin] Netanyahu, [UEFA president Michel] Platini, [FIFA president Sepp] Blatter and now [Palestinian soccer chief] Jibril Rajoub.
In the worst case scenario, if the Palestinians do not agree to pull the proposal and the congress is held as planned, UEFA will prevent the suspension of Israel in a very clear way. From the conversations with important people, face to face here in Warsaw, I can say without a doubt that concern over Israel’s suspension through a vote will not happen."
"Ahead Of Israel Expulsion Vote U.S. Orders Raid On FIFA"  The Americans left the most obviously crooked guy untouched.

"Us Attacks FIFA Just Days Before Vote On Israeli Suspension From The League"

"Chart: The Qatar World Cup Death Toll Is Stunning"

The latest version of Yinon by the Jews and their Saudi-ISIS allies: "Will Aleppo become the capital of a new Caliphate?"  Unless Iran is prepared to live with a completely insane and anti-Shi'ite country, possibly with nukes, about 200km from its border, Iran will have to do something radical to block this Jewish move.

"Key Iraq War Architect: “Our Objective Should Be a New Sunni State Out of the Western Part Of Iraq, the Eastern Part of Syria”"  Allowing ISIS to set up a state makes an utter mockery of the war on terror and all American foreign policy for decades.

"Lack Of U.S. Air Support In Ramadi Points To Disguised Darker Aim"

"The Borg speaks again on Frontline and through poor Jen Psaki."
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