Monday, May 11, 2015

More on Hersh

"Obama Uses the New Yorker to Bamboozle America"  From 2011.  Contains the entire major framework of the Hersh article and presumably also explains why the New Yorker isn't publishing the Hersh piece.  Hersh added the details and a lot of very plausible data on the story about the body, a story which everybody thought sounded suspicious at the time.  Burial at sea?  Ha!

Hey, let's ask the CIA! (you have to laugh):  "Ex-CIA Chief: Seymour Hersh Wrong About Osama Bin Laden's Death"  Don't forget that one of Hersh's points is that Barry's whoppers were crafted, in part, to protect the CIA.  Of course, the main motivation was to create a Barry The Conquering Hero Story to get Barry reelected (and it worked!).

"The many problems with Seymour Hersh's Osama bin Laden conspiracy theory"  Pathetic. Seriously pathetic. The unexpected helicopter crash explains why the American-Pakistani plans died.  The only journalism here is details on the Hersh-New Yorker break, a break which reflects very badly on the New Yorker.  I used to refer to New Yorker pieces quite often.  There is almost nothing left of what was once an important magazine.

"Hersh's Latest Article":
"It is my opinion that bin Laden could not have lived at Abbottabad for six years without the knowledge of the Pakistan military and intelligence.  pl"

What we're seeing here is the complete undermining of the credibility of the entire American press corps.  Hersh is about the only guy with the chops and the balls to bring it down.
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