Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Neocon captivity

"The U.S. is at last facing the neocon captivity"  Weiss is loosening up of late, perhaps under some intellectual pressure from the extreme state of Israeli politics.  The comments also appear to be much less censored.  I should note that the odd difficulties Republican Presidential candidates are having in discussing the wisdom of the American attack on Iraq stem directly from the fact that the Jewish billionaires who bribe them have them under strict orders not to say anything that might compromise future Wars For The Jews.

"Steve Campana, Canadian biologist, 'disgusted' with government muzzling"  As always, Conservatives don't like facts.

"Obama Administration Dilly-dallying On Islamic State Action" Not a mistake, but Yinon in action (an improved Yinon, as it is considered better to keep potential enemies of Zionism in perpetual internal disruption rather than break them up).  Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, all destabilized.

Universal Nakba:  "A Tale of Two Nakbas":
"However, there is another Nakba, another catastrophe, that is ongoing today that even many pro-Palestinian voices fail (or choose not) to see – the war on Syria, Iraq, and indeed much of the region. For while 1948 saw the destruction of whole villages, extermination of families, displacement of millions, and the stealing of land throughout Palestine, so too have the last few years seen a similar phenomenon in Syria and Iraq. But while the rape of Palestine is a cause around which millions all over the world can unite, the war on Syria and Iraq has left much of the international movement divided. Many even today refuse to see this continuing war as even a war at all; it is “sectarian conflict,” it is “merely a proxy war,” and many argue that “all sides should be condemned.” But is this really true? Or, are these merely the empty platitudes of intellectual and moral cowards who prefer to stick with just Palestine because Syria and Iraq are “not their issue”?"

"The Barrett Brown Review of Arts and Letters and Jail: This Prison Is Kind of Corrupt"
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