Friday, May 01, 2015

Rupert's bloody axe

Truer words never spoken:  "‘Israel-Palestine conflict caused by out-of-control immigration,’ says aspiring UKIP MP"

ISIL-JSIL:  "ISIS Shells Israeli-Occupied Golan, IDF Holds Fire"

"The Daniel Morgan Murder: An Unsolved Mystery of the Murdoch Hacking Scandal"

"Hillary Clinton Vows to Address Problems She & Her Husband Helped Cause"  "Clinton Failed To Report 1100 Foreign Contributions Despite Her Disclosure Agreement; Fact Checker Gives Three Pinocchios To Clinton Foundation Response"  If the Democrats have put all their eggs in an unelectable basket, this opens space for the Kochs and Adelson to push their bought candidate to the even more extreme right.

"Some thoughts on the state of things in the ME." 

"Saudi Forces Desert Rather Than Invade Yemen"  Appears to be overstated, although the possibility of mass desertions seems to motivate Saudi strategic decisions.

"A Skeptic's Guide to the Iran Deal"  Desperation when you have to rely on clowns like Samore and, especially, Albright.  Why is the concentration camp guard still flogging Bibi's embarrassingly dead horse when even the mainstream Israeli intelligentsia has moved on?

"Whole Foods Feeds National Guard, Lets Hungry Kids In Baltimore Stay Hungry"  "Why Did Whole Foods Feed the National Guard Before Baltimore's Hungry Kids?"  Whole Foods is the worst.  Like Starbucks, however, it is amusingly Veblenesque (overcharge about three times for an obviously inferior product that people will buy to prove to themselves that they can afford to overpay).

"Charlie, encore une fois…"  Comparisons to cartoons in Der Sturmer are amazingly spot on, except for the fact you could at least sometimes argue that Der Sturmer was 'punching up', something you can never so with the professional racists at Charlie Hebdo.

A lot of good here:  "Organic Farming Changes Agriculture from a Huge Carbon Source to a Carbon-DESTROYER"

"Who is Behind Wikileaks?"  Not sure why this is reappearing now.  A ridiculously naive Assange has received an education in the ways of the world (at great personal cost).
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