Wednesday, May 13, 2015


"AIPAC-backed amendments add to trade bill turmoil"  When horrible policies cancel each other out.

"Is The CIA's Case For Torture Unraveling?"  Barry's entire web-of-lies speech was written backwards, starting with the CIA's need to provide propaganda support for the efficacy of torture to keep Americans safe.

"New York Times and NBC Reporters Back Portions of Osama bin Laden Story"  Essentially all of Hersh's story has now been confirmed by multiple sources except what was done to the body (which will be tough to confirm as the Seals are incorrigible liars).

"Killing bin Laden"

We're getting another wave of propaganda about dissent in Assad's government:  "Bashar al-Assad's spy chief arrested over Syria coup plot"  "The Ali Mamluk Story in the Daily Telegraph"  "Ali Mamluk, again"  The last time the tide turned for the Syrian government was when the Iranians and Hezbollah provided a lot of support.

Tweet (Daniel Pipes):
". is a new org'n that builds bios of US campus anti- fanatics so future employers will know their full college records."
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