Saturday, May 16, 2015

War salesmen

"New York Times sells Israel’s next war" "Taking the Heat Off Israel: Why The NYT Obsesses Over Campus Debates"

"Anti-Corporate Hero Alan Grayson Keeps Millions in Offshore Tax Shelters"  "Alan Grayson erupts as Senate bid looms"  Another blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionist who passes as a 'progressive' to the pathetic and disgusting American 'left'.

"Supreme Court rules Omar Khadr was sentenced as a juvenile in minutes"  The Canadian Supreme court is profoundly mediocre these days, but even they were able to laugh Harper's arguments out of the court.

"No, Just Because Seymour Hersh Had The Same Story As You, It's Not 'Plagiarism'"  No one owns facts.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"It is perhaps fitting that Obama, who helped Israel steal so much Palestinian land, will build his monument on seized Chicago park land."
Presidential libraries are just a scam to steal public records and hide the embarrassing parts.

"Documents Detail US Complicity in Operation Condor Terror Campaign":
"After Kissinger suggests that the Argentine government deport the approximately 500,000 refugees, primarily from Chile, who had entered Argentina (and jokes about sending them to join the PLO “terrorists”), Guzzetti brings up Operation Condor, which he describes as the “joint efforts to integrate with our neighbors” in order to confront the “terrorist problem.” Kissinger said the coalition between Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay, and Brazil “sound[ed] like a good idea.”
Kissinger assures the Argentine minister “We want you to succeed. We do not want to harrass [sic] you. I will do what I can.”" 
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