Saturday, June 27, 2015


"Ex-CIA Official: End of Cold War Sparked Spy’s Paradise"  The French knew, but the nature of blackmail is that the blackmail victim has to keep the blackmailing a secret or risk release of the embarrassing facts.

"French Asylum For Snowden And Assange Would Send ‘Clear Message’ To US"  The blackmail is still in place, so this will never happen.  From the Strauss-Kahn case, we've seen the tip of the iceberg of what French politicians get up to, and we haven't even started on the pedophilia.

"Yemeni Heritage, Saudi Vandalism" The Saudis, exactly like the Jews, regard the destruction of historical artifacts that don't match their twisted narrative as a positive.

"Erdoğan and the Islamic State (FB Ali)"  Erdoğan was given a clear rebuke from the voters in the recent election, and is completely unmoved by it.  "Erdogan Isn’t Finished"  Somewhat like the last British election, with the Kurds playing the Scots.

With Barry's excellent week, the 0.01% must be thinking they chose wisely.

"Saker rant: the Neocons have robbed us all from the peace we wanted so much":
"One could have imagined that having done 9/11 and launched the worldwide GWOT (Global War on Terror), the Neocons would have quenched their thirst for blood, but apparently this was not enough.  They had to go on challenging Russia and risk not just a global war, but a nuclear global war.
And now they are openly supporting the three most demonic ideologies on the planet: Daesh Takfirism, Ukro Nazism and Israeli Zionism.
That such a small amount of individuals would have such a fantastic capability for evil is just amazing, and very discouraging.
Make no mistake: absolute evil does exit."

When a family of grifters reaches high levels in American politics:  "Bristol Palin Living In Sin For Third Or Eighteenth Time, For Abstinence"

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