Monday, June 08, 2015


Tweet (Jonathan Cohn) (bribery knows no borders):
"Worthy of note: South Carolina, the first state to pass an anti-BDS bill, has basically no Jewish population. "
"Edward Snowden: The World Says No to Surveillance" Strange victory lap doesn't help with the suspicions of what he is really up to.

"Lost Soul Edward Snowden Is The Perfect Embodiment of America":
"Today is the second anniversary of the age of Snowden. Some would have you believe that the evils of the surveillance juggernaut has been rolled back and that there has been a triumph over the secret state. I think nothing of the sort has occurred. Because the complexity of what the government is actually doing is still so difficult to comprehend, we see only temporary and vague technicalities used to impose seeming constraints. If the government was doing anything illegal two years ago, I think they are still doing it. If anyone’s rights were being infringed upon then, they still are. If our communications were subject to gratuitous collection and storage, that’s still going, too. And if our basic right to privacy was being challenged by the dark arts of signals intelligence and cyber collection, it still is. Meanwhile the internet has become intrinsic to daily existence from Argentina to Zimbabwe as well as a vast battleground of the nation state, of the corporate world, of terrorists and criminals and Snowden’s of Arc. I know that there are ponytailed prophets toiling away in New York and Berlin and Silicon Valley to slay the dragon, but the vagueness of progress— and even of their quixotic crusade—seems to match our piecemeal and imperfect understanding of the problem."
"New trial ordered in Chandra Levy murder case" Condit didn't do it - though the weirdly incompetent way he handled the public relations indicates he was up to something - and the patsy didn't do it, so who did?

"Syrian army regains ground against Islamic State in Hasaka city"  That didn't take long.  Am I to read the last line as an indication that the Americans are supplying air support to the Syrian Army?  It is possible.  From time to time we see some American patriots pushing back in limited ways against the stranglehold of Jewmoney on traitorous American politicians.

""If you knew then what you know now...""  Remember that the timing of the war was accelerated to force the UN weapons inspectors out of Iraq before Hans Blix was able to deliver a report that there were no WMDs.  Both the American and British governments were always completely aware that the entire neocon propaganda basis for the illegal attack on Iraq was a lie.

"The Era of Breakdown"
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