Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Brotherhood of supremacists

"The CIA Can’t Keep Its Drone Propaganda Straight"  For institutional power reasons, the CIA is desperate to keep torturing, and murdering using drones.

"Ask Judith Miller About Iraq, the New York Times' War Reporting, and WMD"  For the love of God, don't read it (or anything else by this enabling monster Arkin) - it is simply appalling.  But there are good comments by Rikki-Tikki-Deadly:
"What are your thoughts on sleep trackers? Do you use one to help quantify and qualify the sleep you’re losing as a result of having contributed to the needless deaths of hundreds of thousands of people? Or do you sleep just fine?"
and (bearing in mid that this War For The Jews has fuck all to do with oil):
"Hi Judith, thanks for doing this! I’m looking to put together a fun summer beverage for a salon I’m hosting and given your extensive cocktail party circuit experience I thought you could give me some advice. Which do you think would provide a better finish to a prosecco / St. Germaine cocktail: a few spritzes of kerosene distilled from the Iraqi oil fields that were plundered by foreign companies, or the tears of Sunni orphans whose parents were murdered in sectarian violence?"
Tweet (Adam Johnson) (for some inexplicable reason, the Walmart PR department thought it would be a good idea to tell the world how much racist kitsch they have been selling to rednecks):
"Most American story ever: Mass shooting ✓ Racism ✓ Walmart ✓ Clueless PR firms ✓ Token reform ✓"
 The brotherhood of supremacists:  tweet (Julia Carmel):
 "O’Sullivan displays Confederate flag he took with him when he invaded Lebanon as IDF soldier: "

"Israel bans publication of details of report into church arson attack"

Tunnels, tunnels, tunnels, it is all we heard from the Jew-controlled media. Yet they were only used against legitimate military targets: "UN Report Delegitimizes NY Times Hype on “Terror Tunnels”"

More on Jewish Voices For War:  "JVP and Alison Weir – A Dissident View" Never forget that the only point of all these groups is to buy time for Jews to murder and steal land to increase the Zionist Empire.

"The past informs the present in rebel-held eastern Ukraine"  The brave junta neo-Nazis continue to shell civilians, but seem terrified to engage in an actual war (and get their asses kicked, again).

""Who's Allied With Whom?" Putin & The Saudi Caravan"  Unlike the case with many mainstream media articles where the comments are infinitely smarter and saner than the original article, the comments in Zero Hedge are remarkably dumb.

"Dylann Roof Appears To Have Regularly Commented On A Neo-Nazi Website"  All this could prove is that the person who wrote the 'manifesto' commented on The Daily Stormer, and not that there is any connection to Dylann Roof.
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