Friday, June 19, 2015


"How Obama Consolidated the Legacies of Bush and Clinton"  You don't even get a chance to run unless they are confident you will toe the line.

"Prosecutor cancels Assange meeting"  Swedish prosecutors are farcical.  They've been using the lack of an interview with Assange to avoid  having to lift the prosecution/persecution, and so don't actually want the interview to take place.  "Why the ‘case’ against Julian Assange in Sweden should be dropped, and dropped now!"

"WikiLeaks adds 276,394 more leaked Sony docs to its database" Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"RELEASE: Sony Files Part 2 -- 276,394 more docs Search: Browse:

"Charleston Shooting Suspect Dylann Roof Called a Pill-Popping Racist"  Note that threats of racist mass murder were considered normal banter within this culture, hardly worthy of notice.

Tweet (Ben Norton):
"This is how the Washington Post describes US racism and apartheid: "historical white resistance to" equal treatment."
"Looking for a Longer Jail Sentence? Cooperate with FBI!" The issue in the background is whether you have information tying the American government (FBI) to the attack or to foreknowledge of the attack. If so, they either murder you, deport you, or keep you out of court.

"The “occupation” of medical journals by pro-Israel professionals without any “preoccupation” about health issues"  "Justice minister said gearing up to sue Israel boycotters"  Traditionally, gentile societies are e-x-t-r-e-m-e-l-y tolerant towards Jewish behavior, but they are only able to put up with so much.

"The great Moldovan bank robbery"

"Dominican Republic strips thousands of black residents of citizenship, may now expel them"  "We Regret to Inform You That in 4 Days You and Your Family Will Be Deported to Haiti"

"By Definition, An Aggressor Cannot Act in Defense"  The essential point in any discussion of Palestinian resistance.  If Israel thinks this is unfair, it is within its power at any time to end the occupation.
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