Friday, June 12, 2015

Dog must cough up homework

"Argentina’s “Me-Toos” Make Sure No Vultures Left Behind"

"Russian Groups Crowdfund the War in Ukraine"  The liars at the NYT somehow fail to catch that this trifle cuts against the entire American fiction of how deeply involved Russia is in fighting a war against Ukraine.

"Israel Forgives Itself For Death of Four Palestinian Children"  Gawker and its comments are usually lousy with Zionists, but this is too bad even for hasbara.  As usual, the NYT lacks all shame:  "‘NY Times’ helps Israel whitewash the killings of four boys playing soccer on Gaza beach"

One way to fix an image problem:  "The Monsanto We Know and “Love” Could Soon Be “Dead”. CEO Says Name Change Could Be Coming Soon"  I wonder if Israel could change its name.

"Israel in Action: Spoiling the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty"  One of the many examples of how Zionism has a massively disproportionately terrible effect on everybody on earth.  It is not just the Palestinians and people subject to the Wars For The Jews who suffer.

Tweet (Ali Abunimah):
"BREAKING: Illinois judge rules Uni of Illinois must release emails to under FOIA."
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