Sunday, June 28, 2015

Drop dead

Everybody is waiting to see how many innocent heroes the Jews murder in the Freedom Flotilla.  Some bookie should take bets on an over-under.

A lot of ink wasted on Greece, when it appears that waiting until after the final-final-final drop-dead deadline was the Greek plan all along.  The Greeks had absolutely no negotiating strength before the deadlines.  It is now a game of chicken: the Germans are forced to weigh their fear of Grexit - imagine a flourishing Euro-free Greece in five years as an example for other countries under the yoke of the German banks - against their fear of the example set for other countries of a tiny lifting of ultra-austerity.

"Greek Investigator’s Report Finds Evidence of Plot Against Former PM’s Life, ‘Silver Drachma’ Plan":
"Foukas cited evidence – including Wikileaks reports – supporting the existence of the Pythias Plan, which he said was designed to exert pressure on the Greek government to change its policy in crucial sectors, such as energy, arms procurements and public sector procurements. According to the report, the rapprochement between Greece and Russia provoked action by the United States to avert agreements for Russian pipelines, leading to the gradual abandonment of the plans by Athens and its commitment to the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP), as well as the cancellation of plans to acquire Russian military equipment."
"London: the city that ate itself"  London is the prime example of a place that is uninhabitable for human beings due to the percentage of the 0.1% living there.  Having large 0.1% areas is more destructive than having slums.

"How the UK Prime Minister's office gets around Freedom of Information requests"  Tony.  As an intellectual exercise, compare to Hillary's email scam.

"Blesa's e-mails: the end of an era"  Spanish corruption.

"Police seized abuse evidence to protect Lord Lanner - ex-officer"  This is a lot more than the usual dragging of feet and 'losing' of files, but active obstruction of justice.

Tweet (the grugq) (I am still firmly of the opinion that the real head of Silk Road still walks free, probably because he was working as a honey pot for some intelligence service):
"Fascinating story, but there's no new information to verify it by. (Via )"

"Canada clearing final obstacles to Ukraine military aid mission: Kenney"  You wouldn't know it to read it, but this is about Canada giving military training to neo-Nazis.  Note the final sentence, an excellent example of a technique of modern 'journalism'.  Dead children are mentioned.  You are supposed to feel heartened that Canada is going to fix this terrible problem  What isn't mentioned that the dead children are killed by the forces Canada is training!  As usual, the comments embarrass the article.
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