Sunday, June 14, 2015

Education, honesty

"Germany calls off probe into whether the NSA spied on Angela Merkel":
"Range also said that "vague remarks from US officials about US intelligence surveillance of the chancellor's cellphone -- i.e. 'not any more' -- are insufficient evidence.""
The nature of the American hold on Germany remains mysterious, but is certainly in full effect (see also, sanctions on Russia). 

"Germany dominance over as demographic crunch worsens"

"Trapped in a Bubble" The example of the blight is Palestinian- and Rachel Corrie-crushing company Caterpillar.

"Here's the CIA's Just-Released Top Secret File on Saudi Ties to 9/11"  These pseudo-attacks on the Saudis appear to be a way for the Americans to attempt to curtail Saudi military exuberance.

"Who’s really funding the Israeli right?":
"Israelis conflate international NGOs, and non profits with the UN and organizations that use human rights lingo (there is even a common expression in Hebrew - Um Shmoum - meaning the UN is bullshit, in short).”"
"The Henry Jackson Society and the Degeneration of British Neoconservatism: Liberal Interventionism, Islamophobia and the 'War On Terror'" Worth reading the whole thing, but Part 6 covers the funding by the you-know-whos.

The propaganda never ends:  "Mob architect Meyer Lansky stressed education, honesty as the best policy"  Seriously?!
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