Monday, June 29, 2015

Flawed and dangerous

"Lord Janner to face justice after DPP ruling overturned"  It is not just Janner but the entire British establishment that is protected by shielding Janner.  Janner was running a big Zionist blackmail operation to control high-level pedophiles.  We can still bask in the absurdity that the authorities were maintaining that he wasn't mentally competent to stand trial but he was mentally competent to continue to pass laws at the highest level.

Cartoon of the year.  As an aside, it's funny how all civil rights 'victories' coincide with the interests of big capital.  The gays have their billionaires too (as some have pointed out, mostly Jewish billionaires).  Instead of moving to the 'left', the US Supreme Court is remarkably consistently e-x-t-r-e-m-e right:  "Big business on winning side in U.S. top court's major rulings".

"Concurrent Head Explosions"  I've got absolutely nothing against the decision, and wish for as many gay marriages as the gays can stand, but isn't Scalia absolutely right (the irony being that Scalia himself is the worst offender on this score)? Americans should be very afraid how this kind of judicial lawmaking plays itself out in future corporate-friendly Supreme Court decisions.  The 'left' has again been set up.

"African-American Churches Are Burning Again In The South"

"Missing Document From FISA Court Docket Suggests Yet Another Undisclosed Bulk Records Program"

"The U.N.’s Gaza Report Is Flawed and Dangerous" by Richard Kemp, Christian Zionist.  "The hardcore Christian Zionism of Israel’s favorite British colonel"

"Israel once again commits an act of state piracy in the Mediterranean"  I don't know how many reminders we need that international law doesn't apply to Jews.

"“Sewer Socialist” Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Russian Propaganda"

"9 sobering facts about California’s groundwater problem"  Again, as usual, I remain astounded by the inability of Americans to even contemplate their biggest problems.

"Eastring vs. Balkan Stream: The Battle For Greece"  The Greek problem is just a sideshow to the real issue of whether (when?) the Germans leave the Zio-American alliance and join the China-Russia alliance, an inevitable move if Germany wants to remain a rich and important country.
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