Sunday, June 07, 2015

Life-ruining projects

"Portugal decriminalised drugs 14 years ago – and now hardly anyone dies from overdosing" "Ecuador could become first country in hemisphere to legalize all drugs"  Complete and utter decriminalization is the most obvious of positive public policies that won't happen in any of the proctocracies due to the money and power derived from the war on drugs.  It is still striking that the countries of the future, the ones making the big positive policy decisions, are always outside of American imperial control.

"Obama Sidelines Kerry on Ukraine Policy"  Kaganistas were embarrassed, so then they broke his leg!

"Damascus Goes Into Defense Mode" Remember this has happened once before, with the Jew-controlled media gloating that Assad was finished, and the problem was solved with assistance from Iran and Hezbollah.  The promised increased level of this assistance should again fix this problem.

"Sheldon Adelson’s “secret” desert conference to plot against the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions Movement"  I was pondering why the funding behind the Canary Mission was hidden, as usually the Jewish billionaires who fund this kind of life-ruining project like to have their names attached to prove their worth to the Jewish community.  Then I realized that they intend to ruin the careers of lite Zionist Jews, a big no-no, and not something you want to be known for.  This is a civil war amongst World Jewry, the settler movement against every other Jew, and should be interesting, despite the fact there is really no practical difference between Zionists and lite Zionists.

"Male Former Student Identified as Alleged Dennis Hastert Sex Abuse Victim: VIDEO" The Hastert story is stranger if the guy getting the money wasn't the victim.

"Anti-TPP Website Being Blacklisted"  Slashdot is not sympathetic, but, given the amount of money which the 1% intends to steal using TPP, I'd be very shocked if there was not an organized campaign to prevent any truth getting out.
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