Thursday, June 04, 2015

Pork sandwich

"Israel’s Unlikely Alliance"  The irony is that once the ISIS state is established, Israel will use its existence to scream for more American money to defend itself from the new 'existential threat'.

"The US arming of ISIS"

"This country is trying to go cash-free"  I wouldn't have picked Denmark as the first all-slave country.

"WhoWhatWhy Exclusive: Our Homeless, Explosive Radioactive Waste"  The old 'in organic'/inorganic problem.  An easy mistake.  It would all be fine if the issue was flammability.

"Rand Paul Makes More Sense than the Democrats’ “Left” Champion"  "Bernie Sanders' Troubling History of Supporting US Military Violence Abroad"  Remember he spent six months on a kibbutz, the equivalent, for the time, of going to Israel to become a concentration camp guard.

A comment by Citizen to a Weiss piece on the concentration camp guard:
"“And a lot of Iraqis died too, in the war that Goldberg pushed. ” Yeah, a whole lot. Not that it matters; but the death & maiming of US soldiers? At some point, don’t he Zionists realize there will be an accounting for this?
A civil, civil war between Americans Jews & Israeli Jews? Yes, but aren’t there more American Jews fighting in the IDF than in US military? And just look at what Sheldon Adelson said: he wished he had worn an IDF uniform, not a US military unform–this from the #1 individual political donor to candidates for the next POTUS. Fool me once, fool me twice; I don’t see a good ending to this stuff."

One of these soldiers:  "IDF Soldier To Be Jailed For Eating Non-Kosher Sandwich On IDF Base"  "IDF Says It Erred When It Punished American Recruit For Bringing Treife Sandwiches On IDF Base"

"Putin Has Shifted His Internet Propaganda Army Into Overdrive"  In case you accidentally thought that Techdirt was a smart site.

Are Americans completely incapable of distinguishing a money-making publicity stunt by a family of celebutard grifters from a political (well, identity politics) statement?:  "Family Guy And Their 2009 Caitlyn Jenner Prediction"

It is a funny coincidence how Brown-nose Moses always discovers things which would be valuable to western intelligence agencies, and which have all been easily rebutted:  "Media's Beloved "Expert" Eliot Higgins - Wrong Again And Again And Again"

While Americans are basking in the glow of the hopelessly insufficient 'USA Freedom Act' (a most Orwellian name for an act to preserve fascism) . . .   "This Shadow Government Agency Is Scarier Than the NSA"  "How Private Contractors Have Created a Shadow NSA"  "The Internet Knew About the Government's Spy Planes Two Years Ago"
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