Thursday, June 11, 2015

Urban Legend

"Major Questions Remain Unanswered in Boston Killing of Alleged ISIS Beheading Plotter"  Usaamah Rahim hadn't committed any crime, but he was a Muslim with an attitude, so a gang of undercover cops executed him on the street.

"Obama Goes Full Stalin: Tells Secret Court To Ignore Law He Signed 4 Hours Earlier, Extend Illegal NSA Surveillance"  With grubbing for the TPP, and what is going on in Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere (including a constant stream of obvious whoppers about Russia, made worse by the fact that it is the Americans who are doing what Russia is accused of), and the mangling of relations with Europe and China and the rest of the world, and a complete lack of interest in dealing with the racist and fascist American police state (which would count as ironic if he were actually black), and no hope of dealing with climate change in any meaningful way, and the servility to the illegal surveillance state, the end of Barry's Presidency may go down as the worst ever.

"Jeff Sessions Was Right! WikiLeaks Reveals Immigration Provisions Of TPP Trade Deal That Paul Ryan Called An “Urban Legend”"  "Revealed: The Secret Immigration Chapter in Obama’s Trade Agreement"

"Does Sheldon Adelson really want to defeat BDS?"

"Terror trial collapses after fears of deep embarrassment to security services":
"The prosecution of a Swedish national accused of terrorist activities in Syria has collapsed at the Old Bailey after it became clear Britain’s security and intelligence agencies would have been deeply embarrassed had a trial gone ahead, the Guardian can reveal.
His lawyers argued that British intelligence agencies were supporting the same Syrian opposition groups as he was, and were party to a secret operation providing weapons and non-lethal help to the groups, including the Free Syrian Army."
"Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq"

"Soldiers expel 200 Palestinians from pool to allow settlers to bathe" "911 caller in Texas pool party incident was convicted of torturing animals"

"Bizarre and Disturbing"  Note that questioning whether an American politician might be subject to dual loyalties is 'bizarre and disturbing'.

"Gatineau renames two city streets after complaints over Nazi links"

"The Bravery of Vince Bugliosi"  It is not brave to suck up to establishment opinions.

The ISIL-JSIL alliance is very close and undeniable:  "Israel and ISIS working together to undermine Hamas"
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