Tuesday, June 30, 2015


To be absolutely cynical (but accurate), if you support some 'human rights' cause in the United States you get your group of billionaires to bribe politicians and buy media propaganda in various states until you have the legislation you want in 26 or so states.  The hillbilly states are more intractable, and thus will be far more expensive.  The US Supreme Court has determined that the other 24 states are free, requiring no bribery or propaganda buys, on the basis of 'equality'.  The message for politicians and media companies is that you have to move fast to be within the first 26 states, or you are shit out of luck.

"YEEhaw! This side-effect of the gay marriage ruling will make liberals EXPLODE" This sounds nuts, but it is the US Supreme Court we're talking about, and guns are good for business/libertarianism.

"Spin Becomes “Fact” in NY Times Gaza Flotilla Story"  On the theory that Embarrassments For The Jews don't happen if the NYT fails to mention them.  Reporting only occurs when it is time to convey official Israeli spin.

"Syrians in occupied Golan furious about Israel's alliance with al-Qaeda"  "Israel acknowledges it is helping Syrian rebel fighters"

"The complementary tactics of Israel and the UNHRC"

"IKN's two drachmas on Greece"

It is remarkable how much mainstream 'lefty' economists purport to be concerned about the viability of Greek banks, as if any problems couldn't be instantly solved by nationalization and the printing of drachmas, with an order that depositors be kept whole.

 "Russia: “Calm Amidst the Tempest”. EU Sanctions, US-NATO Military on Russia’s Border" by Israel Shamir

"Russia, China Deepen Win-Win"  Note again that positive developments on a large scale only happen outside of the American orbit.  Literally, all the Americans can do is fight and plan Wars For The Jews.

Oh, and pathetically do some industrial espionage amongst the collection of blackmail information.  "NSA -- Despite Claiming It Doesn't Engage In Economic Espionage -- Engaged In Economic Espionage"  Discussion ("New WikiLeaks Documents Reveal NSA Spied on French Companies (techcrunch.com)").

"Wikileaks published some of the most secret NSA reports so far":
"This listing shows that in most cases, NSA's source of the intercepted communications is "Unconventional". It's not clear what that means, but phone calls between the president and his ministers will in most cases be handled by a local switch and therefore don't go through the intercontinental submarine fiber-optic cables, where they could pass NSA's conventional filter systems for telephone and internet traffic.

For intercepting this kind of foreign government phone calls, NSA would have to have access to the public telephone exchange(s) of Paris or the private branch exchanges (PBX) of the presidential palace and important government departments."

"College is a con: The savage truth about your bachelor’s degree"  To a large extent, human civilization depended on creating places where turbo capitalism didn't completely apply.  There are now no such places.  In fact, it is considered theft - of the prospective profits to be made by the 1% - to even contemplate the existence of such places.  Barry's 'trade' agreement will formalize the fact that 'theft' from the 1% will not be tolerated.

"Orthodox Jewish Group Invents Uber For Protesting Gay Pride"  So far, my favorite story of the year.
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