Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Young lizard

"Guccifer Letter from Prison"  Entertaining and informative throughout, mostly on the Sid Blumenthal/Hillary Clinton connection, with Blumenthal running the under-the-table intelligence operation for Clinton (an operation which provided her with enough information that she should have been prepared for the attack at Benghazi), based on Blumenthal's connections to various private military contractors.  Note the early reference to John O'Neill, and the description of Max:
"The eight hours were sufficient to extract the "sap" from the safe-box of information of Vicious Sid. If I had a frustration, it was that I hadn't managed to also penetrate the Yahoo account of his son, Max, a young lizard, maker of dirty games, journalist and blogger, "righteous heir" of his father's, known whippersnapper in Chicago's high-life."
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