Saturday, July 18, 2015

Adolf Obama

"Taking a post down"

"Gawker Is Removing Story About Condé Nast CFO"

Tweet (Matthew Keys):
"The real reason Gawker is removing the Geithner story: It wasn’t interesting enough."
"A Statement From the Gawker Media Editorial Staff"

Literally in the middle of this outing operetta, they publish this:  "Bill Clinton Allegedly Tried to Sex Bill de Blasio's Press Secretary"

I agree with this comment on a trend in comments. It is particularly noticeable when we're served up a steaming pile of hasbara nonsense from liars like the NYT, and the comments are 90% aware.  This isn't the usual lite Zionist stunt, but real Americans with real opinions.  I expect we will see this trend continue, but comments will be edited or banned from mainstream media outlets.

"Netanyahu: Mufti Demanded Nazis 'Wipe Out' 4,000 Children"

"Obama’s ugly ‘march to war’ rhetoric"

"Their Royal Heilnesses":
"The original film remains under lock and key. But copies of the clip were made several years ago and one has now been handed to The Sun by a source who believes it to be of massive public interest and historical importance."
Is it just me, or is there a new Jewish meme in the making?

"Greece: Sound and Fury Signifying Much — Paul Craig Roberts"  Is the inevitable conclusion that we have to kill all of the 1% or be their slaves?
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