Sunday, July 12, 2015

Bloody murder

People have been suggesting the Germans would attempt to do what the Nazis could not, actually strip valuable assets off Greece, like desirable islands and the Parthenon, and now it has come to pass:  "24 hours to save the euro: Germany prepares for a 'temporary' Greek exit as euro project on the brink of collapse":
"Should no deal be forthcoming, the German government has made preparations to negotiate a temporary five-year euro exit, providing Greece with humanitarian aid while it makes the transition.

An incendiary plan drafted by Berlin's finance ministry, with the backing of Angela Merkel, laid out two stark options for Greece: either the government submits to drastic measures such as placing €50bn of its assets in a trust fund to pay off its debts, and have Brussels take over its public administration, or agree to a "time-out" solution where it would be expelled from the eurozone.

German vice-chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said they were Greece's only viable options, unless Athens could come up with better alternatives."
This provides a link to what is supposed to be the proposal (which apparently has not yet been formally tabled, a trial balloon). Note that Greece gets nothing for this other than the promise of temporary humanitarian relief.  Sieg Heil!

It is ironic that the idea of Europe was created by the French to attempt to control the seemingly psychopathic and always violent and destructive Germans, better having them pissing out of the tent than into it, and now the Germans have managed to manipulate finance capital and the idea of Europe to wreck Europe again, without need for a war.

"How Fascist Capitalism Functions: The Case of Greece"

"Conspiracy against Syria & Iran initiated in 2007"  "A Journalist Writing Bloody Murder And No One Notices" by Tom Engelhardt.  Another violent Jewish supremacist manipulation of the US government for purely Zionist ends buried by the media.  These days the equivalent is a series of lies describing as 'moderate' some group or other of the crazed Sunni terrorists proposed as proxies:  "Washington Post Promotes Al-Qaeda Affiliate As "Moderate""

"Israeli Justice: Blind, But Crooked as Well"

Unwittingly!  Ha!:  "No Prison for Accounting Executive in Madoff Fraud Case"

"London is now the global money-laundering centre for the drug trade, says crime expert"  Now?  It has been at least back to the Opium Wars. and money made off the technical financial problems caused by the illegality of drugs is why we have a War On Drugs.

"Bernie Sanders Has a Secret"  Bernie is, unfortunately, a slut.  This might not matter in his beloved Scandinavia, but as Hillary leaks the details (and it sounds like the tip of a sordid iceberg), it will make him unelectable in the USA.
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