Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Ethics Director

Some headlines make me laugh out loud.

Tweet (Enemy Of Stupidity):
It is a good (and rare) day when a peace deal is concluded (or almost). It is also a learning day - note that the opposition is from the traditional enemy of peace.

"‘Suck Iranian ****’ — Netanyahu’s Farsi twitter account earns negative reviews"

"Mexfiles does Chapo Guzmán"

Lite fight:  "Mondoweiss, and Just About Everyone Else, Messed Up Reporting on Mengistu"  How much is a black Jew worth to Bibi?

"Bringing Our Lost Brethren Back Home: Messianic Zionism, Settler-Colonialism, and the Lost Jews of Kaifeng"  Many 'Jews' have to find out the hard way that they have much more in common with the community from which they were extracted than with the racist supremacists in Israel.

"Al-Qaida's Hadramawt emirate" (oddly?):
 "The war in Yemen has one local winner, al-Qaida. The Saudis seem oddly unconcerned."

"UN Srebrenica Resolution Shows Double Standards Justifying Russian Stand"  "Special Report: The Truth about Srebrenica 20 years later"  There is enough blame around that everybody should get a big piece, not just the Serbs.

"Ethics Director Among Top Psychologists Who Aided CIA Torture and Cover-Up"

"Conflict between Right Sector and government escalates (UPDATE, VIDEOS)"  Another (!) view:  "Jewkraine: Pravy Sektor Refusing to Surrender to Jews They Installed in Power"

"The most successful female athlete of all time just got body shamed in the New York Times"  "David Frum Implies Serena Williams Won By Juicing"  "Top Conservative Pundit Suggests That Serena Williams Won Wimbledon By Cheating"  Let's spell it out for the slow-witted:
  1. performance-enhancing drugs have a remarkable effect on athletic performance;
  2. those who take performance enhancing drugs tend to beat those who don't;
  3. there is oodles of money involved;
  4. there is so much money involved that you'd have to be completely naive to think that warnings aren't given to elite athletes of drug tests, particularly in professional sports.
I have no idea whether any particular earner is on the juice or not, but I know with certainty that some very, very, very high percentage of consistent winners is on performance enhancing drugs (and frankly, you can often tell by looking at the cheaters, as the physiques give them away, particularly in those cases where there has been a marked change).  Note how they try to spin this as a sexism/racism thing, but we went through exactly the same crap with Lance Armstrong.  Frum, who is used to fooling the stupid, is right to raise the issue.  It is disheartening to see this level of gullibility, gullibility which is reflected in the horrible general political situation we are in.  Greenwald is in the wrong line of work.
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