Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Ethnic cleansing

Ethnic cleansing:  "Jewish peer funds rescue of thousands of Christians threatened by ISIS: Lord Weidenfeld, 95, says project in Syria and Iraq is a way of repaying his 'debt' to British Quakers who helped him flee the Nazis":
"Lord Weidenfeld said his project would last for between 12 and 18 months, during which time he hopes to rescue the entire oppressed Christian population from Syria and Iraq."
Christians need to be removed from lands coveted by World Jewry as they complicate the thieving process.

"Syria wants to join Russia-led Eurasian Economic Union – prime minister"

"Gawker and the End of Free Speech"  "Gawker Editor Apparently Expensed A $546 Meal On His Way Out The Door"  Gay billionaires who make money exploiting the privacy of everybody else don't like to see breaches of the privacy of their own group.

"Iran or the Muslim Brotherhood: which poses more of a threat to the Arabs?"  An escalation of the proxy attacks by the Saudis on Egypt is interesting:  "An ISIS affiliate says it blew up an Egyptian ship with a rocket-propelled missile"

"Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) – Part I"  "Nuland’s Plan For The Balkans (And How It Can Dramatically Backfire) – Part II" Nudelman-Kagan is still hard at work at the revenge job of wrecking Europe.

'Hollywood' definitely didn't care for Grooveshark, an excellent music sharing system without the requisite kickbacks:
  1. "Grooveshark Executive Murdered In St. Petersburg, Florida"
  2. "Grooveshark Co-Founder Josh Greenberg Dead at 28"
"WikiLeaks: Steinmeier target of systematic NSA spying"  NSA spying tied to CIA rendition and torture, even prior to September 11.

"On Edge over Syria, Kurdish issues, Turkey tense after horrific Bombing"  Blowback of Turkish Sunni supremacist politics.

Tweet (WikiLeaks):
"UK won't reveal knowledge of assassination plots due to possible prejudice to relations with another state "
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