Monday, July 13, 2015

German problems

Any crisis anywhere is as good an excuse as any for commies to call each other names, hence:  "Requiem at an Empty Grave? Syriza's Momentous Day".  I note comment #6 by tobias:
"The situation as it has developed seems to indicate that Germany, with a trade surplus tied to undervalued the undervalued Euro when compared to the German economy, will not countenance any disruptions in the status quo. Germany wants and needs a Eurozone where they have the premier manufacturing and export economy built on the disadvantages that this currency means for its primary trading partners -- since the Euro is overvalued to them. The Germans will not give an inch to Greece and would rather toss them out and in concert with the ECB cut off Greek banks and let them suffer the consequences. This provides a fine example of the willingness for Germany and Brussels to engage in economic executions. Does anyone think that Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland or even France is willing to follow that same path? Political courage, when facing the banking cartel, evaporates like alcohol on a sunny day. Lets see how it plays out. Greece may ultimately have no other choice but to risk an exit and a re-establishment of the drachma. That will be a tough row to hoe with its meager export economy."
Making the problem not Greek weakness and incompetence in negotiation, but German weakness. The German elites are terrified at the prospect of the combination of their demographic problem and the loss of their competitive advantage caused by the relative cheapness of the Euro compared to how the Deutschmark would be valued.

"Is Merkel Being Irrational?":
"Since the beginning of the crisis, Germany’s position has been one of defending austerity as the only way out of it. This meant “sacrifices” for everyone in Europe: not only for the southern European populations with neoliberal bombs dropping in their backyards, but also for the German working class, which has witnessed a strong deregulation of the labor market, precarization of labor relations, and a loss of purchasing power.
The ideological story sold to the German working class was that the European project would collapse if they bailed out southern Europeans, whose plight was self-inflicted through over-spending and poor productivity. However, it soon became obvious that austerity does not solve any economic and financial problems — it deepens them (debt has grown in relation to GDP in all countries that have tried the austerity remedy).
When Syriza came to power in Greece, there was finally one voice inside the European institutions that could prove this fact and eventually challenge the hyper-neoliberalization of Europe.
But for Germany to accept Syriza’s demands would be to acknowledge that austerity was not a solution but a problem — that Germany’s political and economic agenda over the last seven years was wrong and has completely failed to provide the results it promised. More than this, it would be a concession that the sacrifices imposed on the German working class were actually in vain, and only served to further tilt the balance of power away from labor and toward capital.
German elites are thus willing to let the euro crash (or transform it into something else — an exclusively center and northern European currency, for example) to guarantee their political survival.
There is also nothing irrational about the way they are playing the “blame game.” If Germany forces Greece into bankruptcy (which is bound to happen sooner or later), this would create a domino effect that destabilized the European economy for a period of time. The blame would then be placed on the “stubborn” Greek government that refused to negotiate and to accept the “help” and “aid” that Germany was willing to give them."
'Life' in Greece under austerity: "Life Under Austerity"

"Greek debt crisis: Goldman Sachs could be sued for helping hide debts when it joined euro"  The real damages to Greece and Europe should be enough to wipe Goldman Sachs off the map.  The problem is that all parties on all sides knew they were being defrauded.  The grifter's motto, and the corporate strategy statement of Goldman Sachs, is you can't con an honest man.

"Canada’s embassy in Ukraine used as pawn in 2014 uprising: CP investigation"  Canada played an active role in the installation of the junta (by the way, this is an example of what we never see, actual journalism).

"Beneath the Negotiating Endgame in Vienna: Hillary Mann Leverett and Seyed Mohammad Marandi" (explaining why World Jewry is against this, or any other, peace, in accordance with long historical patterns):
". . . can the United States, for its own interests, replace its longstanding reliance on Israel and Saudi Arabia as its key “partners” in the Middle East with a more balanced approach characterized by strategically-grounded diplomacy with all major regional players?"
Tweet (Ben Norton) (extra dose of irony given the close ties of Israel and ISIS):
"The Netanyahu is now literally claiming Iran is "more dangerous" than ISIS."
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