Monday, July 20, 2015

Guilt by association

"[Marxism] [UCE] The Jewish Voice for Peace Attack on Alison Weir: JVP Loses Its Balance":
"JVP’s entire accusation against Weir is based on guilt by association . . . "
The core concept of Judaism is the concept of uncleanliness, the taint which occurs by virtue of coming into contact with the Unclean (menstruating women, the dead, and the whole food thing).  Such concepts are not unique to Judaism, as religion itself seems to be a set of lists of the good and the bad, but the Jews are obsessed with it.  It is thus no surprise that Jews are completely comfortable with attacking opponents of Jewish supremacism using guilt by association, a clear logical fallacy, and something which many of the rest of us find deeply intellectually offensive.  The rest of the attack consists of the usual Jewish supremacist rhetorical - definitely not logical - approach that any challenge to Jewish supremacism is just disguised 'anti-Semitism' (thus hiding the truth of the facts behind the irrelevant supposed motives of the conveyor of the facts), exactly the way any world-revolves-around-us group would handle any situation.  Of course, Weir's real deep problem is she musters piles and piles of damning information which the Jews are trying to hide.

"SPIEGEL Interview with Julian Assange: 'We Are Drowning in Material'":
"SPIEGEL: Do you see a potential blackmail situation?
Assange: They wouldn't leak transcripts of tapped phone calls as that would draw focus to the spying itself. The way intelligence services launder intercepts is to extract the facts expressed during conversations; for example to say to their contacts in the media, "I think you should look into this connection between this politician and that person, what they did on that particular day."
SPIEGEL: Have you got a documented example in which this sort of tactic has been used?
Assange: We haven't published one yet about a German politician, but there are examples of prominent Muslims in different countries about whom it was leaked that they had been browsing porn. Blackmail or representational destruction from intercepts is part of the repertoire used.
SPIEGEL: Who uses these methods?
Assange: The British GCHQ has its own department for such methods called JTRIG. They include blackmail, fabricating videos, fabricating SMS texts in bulk, even creating fake businesses with the same names as real businesses the United Kingdom wants to marginalize in some region of the world, and encouraging people to order from the fake business and selling them inferior products, so that the business gets a bad reputation. That sounds like a lunatic conspiracy theory, but it is concretely documented in the GCHQ material allegedly provided by Edward Snowden."
"Greece’s Lesson For Russia — Paul Craig Roberts" Russia's recent success is largely based on the fact it has never allowed itself to bask in the false sentimentality of American propaganda.

"India bribery scandal: Mysterious deaths, massive coverup?"  As late capitalism relies increasingly on the 'signalling' of various credentialing systems, the systems become increasingly corrupt.
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