Saturday, July 11, 2015

Illuminati Correspondent

"The Shadow of Brest-Litovsk"  This doesn't sound like billmon.  An imposter?  Luckily for the Greeks, the evil need of Europe to punish severely any lack of respect for big capital may save Greece by forcing it out of the Euro no matter how close to the floor Tsipras is able to bow.

"Will Greece’s Tsipras Squander Precious Capital?"

Note how much analysis depends on supposed poll results of whether Greeks want to keep the Euro.  If that is the question, what would you expect them to say?

By the way, Sputnik has been an excellent new source of information, and so the pathetic dead-enders feel a threat:  "Russian State-Sponsored Sputnik International Is Killer Propaganda"

"Russia Today Has an Illuminati Correspondent. Really."

"NDP and Conservatives tied, Liberals fall to third place, poll says"  As appalling as Mulcair is, Trudeau took the Jewmoney and supported Harper's fascist, Islamophobic 'anti-terrorism' legislation, and Mulcair didn't.  Trudeau isn't even a shadow of his father.  He is going to lose this election by not being up to the task of even pretending to be moral.  His utter lack of character means he is blowing what should have been an easy win.  Mulcair is nothing short of a walking turd (the blood-pouring-from-the-fangs Zionism is just a symptom of a far greater problem), but I'm praying the many moral and decent people in his party can rein him in.  I'm voting NDP.

"Israel’s National Academy of Sciences Says Netanyahu Governments Misused Archeology To Further Right-Wing And Religious Goals"  It is comforting to know that there are some real scientists in Israeli archaeology.

"Lies, smear, and two-steps — Why did organizers really cancel the Feis?" I would think Ireland would be the worst place in the world to try hasbara.

"Israel’s Army of Spin-Doctors is Doomed to Defeat" by Jonathan Cook.  Once people reach a certain point of awareness, the lies just emphasize the extent of the problem that the lies are supposed to cover.  We just roll our eyes when Jews open their mouths.  Supremacists will never be able to understand this. 

Tweet (Kim Dotcom):
"In my humble opinion it's just a matter of time until the details of all U.S. Govt employees & assets are leaked on the Internet. "
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