Thursday, July 02, 2015

Liver Rot

"Is This Why 'Europe' Is Now Trying To Crush Greece?" Stopping bad examples is the preoccupation of late capitalism.

Something that is lost in the details is that even with the greatest austerity Greece is never going to be able to repay its debts (or rather, the debts imposed on Greece by forcing it to repay the bad, greedy and incompetently stupid loans of the European banksters).  This charade will just keep repeating itself, with Greece deteriorating at each step.  Once all the deadlines are passed, the Greeks should formally announce that all debts owed to Europe and the IMF are odious and null and void. This will give the leg-up that will guarantee a robust Greek recovery.  It will also serve notice that too much greed is actually punishable, something the turbo capitalists seem unwilling to comprehend. Then Greece should bring action to recover the huge amount of money it is owed from the Nazis in Germany, and sign on to the Russian gas line plans so it can receive the massive amount of transfer fees to be obtained by moving gas to Europe, fees which will come out of the pockets of the average European.

"Greece Again Can Save The West — Paul Craig Roberts"

"Former CSIS officer warns new federal anti-terror bill will ‘lead to lawsuits, embarrassment’"   Shocking to see this in the World's Worst Newspaper, which usually loves the Islamophobia.

Note the hashtag tweet (Smile & Nod Politely) (read the links):
"The dip-shits who declare that can now be more informed. "
Tweet (Mercedes Stephenson):
"This is the first year I can recall seeing machine guns on the Hill "
Tweet (CC) (fancy horse dancing has escalated quickly):
"Kids expecting horses and music from RCMP Musical Ride treated to para-military violence. "
Tweet (IDF) (scroll down!):
"Happy from Cpl. Nati who immigrated from Canada & drafted into the IDF to fulfill his life-long dream."
 "No “Je Suis Charleston”?"  Barry, who milked the tragedy for all it was worth, made sure that the report warning that the real 'terrorist' danger was from white supremacists was well buried.

"Christie's Conspiracy:  The Real Story Behind the Fort Dix Five Terror Plot"  Incredible details on how the FBI frame-up process for Muslims actually works.

"Putin Gobsmacks Uncle Sam … Again"  It seems that every day Putin comes up with some big positive thing while the Americans rattle sabres, fight and plan Wars For The Jews, and work on the Panopticon.  "Fear Alert: US Press Unquestioningly Spread Predictions of ISIS Attacks on July 4th Holiday"  "WikiLeaks Reveals List of German Officials Spied Upon by NSA, Confirms Merkel Had Calls Intercepted"

"TiSA WikiLeaked: Winners & losers of multinational trade deal"  "Leaked: What’s in Obama’s trade deal"  Even Politico thinks it is awful.

"U.S. Never Asked Alan Gross About His Imprisonment in Cuba"

"US says it won't protect Israeli settlements against boycott"  AIPAC's trade trick.

"In Case You Still Have A Drop Of Sympathy Toward JVP"  The 'tell' with lite Zionists is their bizarre and all-consuming - even when they purport to be dealing with bad things done by Jews - preoccupation with Jewish suffering.

"Bill Clinton, Paid to Speak to Biotech Conference, Extolled $1000 Pill to Prevent “Liver Rot,” Despite Lack of Evidence that It Does"  I'm just citing this as I wanted a title for the posting, but it is indicative of the whole Clintonian corruption malaise.

Tweet (Mara Wilson) (the cause that looks like a publicity stunt for washed-up celebrities):
"I was only mildly famous in the '90s but vaccinate your kids"
Tweet (MotherCanadaStatue) (parody account for one of the monuments Harper is building for his ego, a good sign in a way, as it may indicate he realizes the jig is up):
"Gather 'round, children, for the legend of origins: how you all rose from the land where Stephen spilled his seed. "

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