Sunday, July 05, 2015

Meat grinder

"You think the Ukraine is independent? Think again!"  If true, more micromanaging by the Americans of Ukraine.

"This Is Why The Euro Is Finished"  Europeans tried to cover up report detailing the utter necessity of haircuts.  Of course, any talk of haircuts has been completely off the table in the 'negotiations'.

If the Greeks vote 'yes', they have surrendered themselves to the Nazi meat grinder.  What is worrying is whether we can trust the count.

"The Washington Post whitewashes the violence of Israel's occupation"  Standard procedure.

"ISIS Threatens To Topple Hamas In Gaza"  This strengthens Hamas, so you have to wonder what the ISIL-JSIL federation is up to.  Egypt is finally starting to catch fire.

"Hell Is Other People's Email: The Best of Hillary Clinton's Inbox Dump"  "10 moments of over-the-top flattery in Hillary's inbox"  "Hillary Clinton accuses China of 'stealing US secrets'"  Maybe they can tell Americans what is in her illegally hidden emails.

"Saudi ambassador to Lebanon responds to WikiLeaks: 'We are not ashamed of anything'"  Lebanese politicians are amusingly forthright in soliciting graft.
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