Friday, July 31, 2015


"Eric Bogosian’s Operation Nemesis"  Most topical given that Turkish imperialist supremacists are at it again.

"NATO Member Busted Massively Supporting ISIS … Now Declares War Against ISIS, But Instead Goes After Its Political Rival (Which Is the Most Effective Force FIGHTING ISIS)"

"Now the Turks Are All In" by Pat Buchanan:
"The speculation is that Erdogan is going to war for political reasons. When a Kurdish Party captured 13 percent of the vote in the June 7 elections, it broke Erdogan’s parliamentary majority, blocking his path to the presidential republic of his dreams and designs.
Critics believe he is provoking conflict with the Kurds before new elections, so he can cast himself as a fearless warrior against Arab terrorists and Kurdish traitors, discredit the small Kurdish party, and capture a sufficient majority to create his all-powerful presidency."

"ISIS - a Black Hole in the Heart of the Middle East: the Kurdish Factor (1/2)" by Patrick Bahzad

"Several dead in Turkey in attacks blamed on PKK group"

"Syrian Conflict: Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front Abduct Leader of US-backed Rebels Dealing Blow to Plans to Build Moderate Opposition to Regime"  "Syria’s al-Qaeda captures US-Linked Free Syrian Army Commander, troops"  It is amusing how much trouble the Americans are having with their lie about 'moderate' Syrian rebels.

"*Jewish Daesh Settlers Burn West Bank Palesnian Baby Alive – AFP"

"6 stabbed in Jerusalem gay pride parade"  "Cops Knew Haredi Gay Pride Attacker Was Getting Out Of Prison, Failed To Watch Him During Parade"  "Rabbi Rules Against Renting Apartment to Lesbians"  Israel is one of the very few places in the world that has actually had an anti-gay riot:  "Israeli Anti-Gay Riots Worsen". Facts on the ground don't match the pinkwashing agenda.

"AP finds new ways to smear Palestinians over same-sex rights"

"In NY Times the Fate of One Israeli Soldier Trumps Massive Suffering in Gaza"  The word you are looking for is chutzpah.

"MSM avoids central Pollard question: Did Israel trade secrets to Soviets for emigres?"

"Pollard Soon Coming To A Theatre Near You"  I'd cast Jason Alexander and give him the Oscar immediately, as there will be no contest.  It is the universal story of a brave whistle blower crushed by anti-Semitism.

"Tracking the Lion Killers Back to the Old Oval Office" "Secret Memo Reveals US Was Aware Of Americans Killing Zimbabwe Lions; Only Concern Was Getting Caught"

Armenia:  "Russia Shoots Down US Stealth Coup"

"Hillary Lies Again"

"The NSA’s 9/11 Cover-Up: General Hayden Told a Lie, and It’s a Whopper"  It is also worth remembering that the two San Diego based 'terrorists' were living in an apartment owned by an FBI informant.  They also flew into and within the US despite being on a 'watch list'.  The entire Official Story is ludicrous.

About as blatant as it gets:  "Fed Reporter Pedro Da Costa Is Leaving The Wall Street Journal After Asking Yellen "Uncomfortable" Questions"  Note that the crime was asking questions that hadn't been pre-approved by Queen Yellen.

"So What Is the Real Deal with Iran?" by The Saker.  99% of everything written about the Iran deal, even writing in favor of peace, is based on the assumption that Iran had a nuclear arms program, an assumption based on ludicrously clumsy Israeli/MEK propaganda lies.
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