Sunday, July 26, 2015

New Ottoman Empire

"The Inside Story of the Feud Between the Obama and Kenyatta Clans"

"Turkey's war on ISIL a major policy shift"  It's phony.  The intention is to kill Kurds, stop the creation of a Kurdish political entity, and probably steal land from Syria (New Ottoman Empire), all under the politically correct guise of fighting Turkish ally ISIS ("For Erdogan, Turkish assault is about containing the Kurds as much as fighting Isil" and "Has The US Finished The Trap Assad Had Begun To Set For Turkey?" and "Greater Kurdistan for the win!").  I suspect the attack in Turkey blamed on ISIS was false flag, or even a real attack by ISIS encouraged by the Turkish government.  Tweet (Ben Norton):
"Turkey (which has helped ISIS), is now bombing ISIS and the Kurdish resistance that most effectively fights ISIS. "
Tweet (Ben Norton):
"NATO member and US ally Turkey has detained 3600% more Kurdish fighters who fight ISIS than suspected ISIS members."
Tweet (unR̶A̶D̶A̶C̶K̶ted):
"Gov sez Have Data. She sez clasf'd after fact. prosctd in both scenarios "
Tweet (Kim Dotcom):
"Mishandling classified info is a crime. When Hillary's emails eventually pop up on the Internet who's going to jail? "
"Professor claims scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated"  Do you think the major oil companies have an in-house assassination office, or do they contract it out?

Tweet (Fruity Lexia):
"Recall a Libyan former oil minister who was found dead in the Danube after Gaddafi fell. "Looks like it was a heart attack...""

Tweet (Smile & Nod Politely):
"All this time we've been going after Omar Khadr, when we should have been going after Israel PM Nutty-yahoo. "
"Hacking Team: a zero-day market case study" (appalling supermarket of exploits to illegally steal personal information, used by governments and organized crime, or do I repeat myself?):
"Adobe security: There was an amusing exchange between Vitaliy and Hacking Team after Vitaliy sold them two exploits with very similar vulnerability triggers. Hacking Team was concerned that when one bug got patched, Adobe would also fix the other, and that both of their purchases would be lost. However, Vitaliy claimed that Adobe's security response was very poor and that in his experience they never found similar bugs. Indeed, Adobe fixed one of the bugs (CVE-2015-0349) in April but did not find the second one (CVE-2015-5119) until Hacking Team's e-mail archive was released."
Powell's 'CRU' Document:
  1. Tweet (Cryptome);
  2. Tweet (Steven Aftergood);
  3. Tweet (Tony Naggs).
"A Terrorism Case in Britain Ends in Acquittal, but No One Can Say Why"  Of course, in the USA, a little more information might have been released, but you can guarantee there would have been a conviction.

"‘Twitter’ launches war against anti-Semitism"

"Gas Chambers Were Just A 'Detail': Far-Right French Politician Jean-Marie Le Pen To Be Prosecuted Under Holocaust Denial Law"  Is this blasphemy or lèse-majesté?

"Here We Go Again: Anonymous Tries to Hold the Canadian Government Ransom"

Best British theater since Shakespeare:  "Israelis 'detained and then set free' at Heathrow Airport"

Tweet (bitteranagram):
"Free Robert Pollard"
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