Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Open season

Open season:  "Man Admits To Plotting To Massacre Muslims, Judge Sets Him Free Anyway"

"Who's Behind Those Scary Iran Deal Ads?"  You don't really need to read the article to find out, do you?

"What it really takes for a US-Iran deal"  Like an insufficient stimulus package to 'fix' the economy (which remains in deep recession), protecting the 0.1%, the gift to the insurance and pharmaceutical industries known as Obamacare, the reconquest of Cuba, peace in the Middle East (oh, sorry, the Jewish billionaires put the kibosh on that one), the end of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq (ditto),  a deal with Iran is to be part of Barry's 'legacy', so don't be too worried by the delays.  Also, the consolation prize for Europe ruining itself by sanctioning Russia seems to be the lifting of sanctions on Iran (we live in an era of Sanctions For The Jews!).

Tweet (Enemy of Stupidity):
"If the rules interfere with making money, change the rules. Seems legit."
"US to pay salaries of Governor Saakashvili’s team in Odessa, Ukraine"

"Hillary Sold Her Soul (And Her Country) For 2 Million Dollar$"    "Clinton 'alarmed' over calls for Israel boycott, urges bi-partisan action" Good value for the money.

"During Honduras Crisis, Clinton Suggested Back Channel With Lobbyist Lanny Davis"

As usual, it doesn't matter how depraved it gets, you still have to hold your nose and do what you must:  "Voting in the Mafia neighborhood called America"

""What Are You Talking About? Generous?": Piketty's German Interview" Funny how the Krauts work less than just about anyone else, and are the world champions at shirking their debts, yet are still able to muster all this moral indignation at Greece.

Tweet (U.S. Dept. of Fear) (telltale sign of imperial decline):
"USS Gerald Ford is our first $13 billion warship. Our weapons now cost more than anything they're defending. "
Mr. Robot is the new TV show for the paranoid.
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