Monday, July 06, 2015


Tweet (Shafik Mandhai):
"The money Greece owes compared to the bailouts banks got... "
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"Whatever the new 'deal' will look like, moralistic fallacy of debt sanctity must be rejected. For the sake of , not just ."
The most striking thing about all the professional analysis is just how Calvinist economics really is.  No surprise - economics exists solely to provide a (very) pseudo-scientific justification for exploitation (that applies to 'left-wing' economics as well - the entire field is corrupted, you can call it crap + calculus).  Economics is entirely predicated on the morality of paying what you 'owe' to the rich.  My morality is exactly the opposite - if you owe money to a bank, and they can't force you to pay, not only is it moral to fail to pay them, it is immoral to pay them.  This is obvious to all moral and decent people.  It doesn't matter that European governments have wrongfully and crookedly decided to make their banks whole at the expense of their citizens.

"Nudelman’s New War, Nuland’s Nemesis – Will Greece, Or Won’t Greece Be Destroyed To Save Her From Russia, Like Ukraine?" Part of the stunt is to pretend the Americans play no role in this, and that it has nothing to do with the collapse of the American empire (also always refreshing to see a Nudelman called a Nudelman).  Note the importance throughout of Greek traitors.

Even for people who were deathly afraid, no was the only possible sane vote.  Throwing yourself on the tender mercies of the Nazis on the hope that Dr. Mengele would suddenly decide to stop the organ removals made no sense.  Thus, I very much doubt the polls that suggested a neck-and-neck race.  Looks like push polling, an attempt to trick voters by suggesting there was a plausible yes victory, coupled with providing plausibility for an attempt at vote fraud which failed or couldn't be managed.  There was too much money involved to assume anything else (and it was brilliant to call a surprise referendum with insufficient time to set up vote fraud).

"Greece Contemplates Nuclear Options: May Print Euros, Launch Parallel Currency, Nationalize Banks"  If they haven't already arranged for the printing of currency, they are incompetent.  In an ideal world, banksters would be flayed alive, and their skin used for scrip.

"Consequences of the Greek OXI (No) Vote"

"Greece and the EU"

"Kudos to Greece!"

Tweet (Anonymous).

Tweet (Jacobin):
"This is what democracy looks like."
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