Friday, July 03, 2015

Three pints of nine per cent proof ale

Early history of Zionist conspiracies:  "The Parushim: A Secret Episode in American Zionist History"  More recent:  "In Course Pitch, Scooter and Wolfie Admit Iraq War Failures, But Make No Mention of Iraqi Casualties"  Ongoing:  "The Yinon Plan and the Role of the ISIS"

"Pine Bush School District Settles Anti-Semitism Suit for $4.48 Million":
"The agreement, which still must be approved by Judge Kenneth M. Karas, calls for the students to receive two-thirds of the $4.48 million settlement, with their lawyers receiving the rest."
"Busted: Poland to Expel Ukrainian Teen for Flipping Off Holocaust Memorial"

My personal favorite, simply wonderful:  "Driver escapes jail after blaming the Holocaust for drunken crash":
"Stephen Groves, 66, was arrested after crashing his Alfa Romeo GTV into a Merecedes close to his home in Epping, Essex, on May 22.

He claimed hearing his mother telling chilling stories of life under the Nazis at the Auschwitz concentration camp in tjhe Second World War left him traumatised.

He explained that drinking the three pints of nine per cent proof ale before driving home was his only way of coping with the disturbing tales."
"Report Concludes Police Shooting Victim in Washington State Probably Had a Rock" The convergence of Israel and the USA.

"Finally The Truth: "The Greek Debt Is So Big Everyone Understands It Won’t Be Repaid""  And if Greece doesn't pay a lot of the burden falls on countries who themselves can't possibly pay their own debts.  The Greek thing is much, much bigger than Greece.

"Europe’s Debt: Lies & Myths" "Europe’s US imported nightmare"  "Wall Street and the Greek Financial Crisis"

"An American Has Died From Measles for the First Time Since 2003"

"Reddit In Chaos After Allegedly Firing AMA Coordinator Victoria Taylor" Jesse strikes again.

Harper scandal watch (in the ignoble tradition of Ken Lay and Robert Vesco, he's probably not dead!):  "Arthur Porter's death in Panama leaves lingering questions about McGill, extradition"

Tweet (William Owen):
"Here is one proposed design for our Memorial. "
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