Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Traditional enemies of peace

"The people love the Iran deal — to judge from ‘NYT’ letters"  Informed people are hip to the identity of the traditional enemies of peace.

"Wasserman Schultz: Donors dubious about Iran deal"  At least she's honest!

"The World Rebukes Netanyahu" by Robert Parry

"Pro-Israel groups in U.S. waste no time attacking Iran deal"

Note that the traditional enemies of peace can't block the deal (Barry's political machinations were clever and the usually useless Congressional Black Congress has his back), so all the whining is extortion for more free Weapons For The Jews from American taxpayers.

"Greece: The Struggle Continues"  Useful but strangely uninformed about backroom dealings.  It remains unclear if:
  1. Tsipras was bought off or blackmailed;
  2. Tsipras is a buffoon;
  3. this highly peculiar politics is part of some larger plan.
It is difficult to criticize the Greek government if there was no sane deal available from the Nazis under any circumstances, something which has now been definitively established. On the other hand, the complete absence of a Plan B is the fault of the Greek government.

"Grexit or Jubilee? How Greek Debt Could Be Annulled" The entire crisis is a paper-shuffler's scam.

"Israeli Racism on Trial in the Strange Case of Two Missing Men"  NYT is predictable.

"Over Easy: Former PA judge who stole cocaine from evidence will only serve 30 days"  The right people get 30 days, while the wrong people get 30 years.  Extra irony points when the guy dishing it out doesn't have to take it.

"Leaked Video Shows Making of Islamic State “Execution” in Studio — via CyberBerkut Hack of Sen. McCain Staffer"  Many have noted that many of the ISIS execution videos look faked.  If this is Russian propaganda somebody spent an enormous amount of money on it.
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