Thursday, July 16, 2015

Whining for arms

Some opinion pieces are wonderful beyond belief:  "Iranian Nuclear Deal Is a Win for Anti-Semitism"

Whining for arms:  tweet (Kia Makarechi):
"One of these is from The Onion, the other is from real life "
The diaspora feasts on the corpse of the glorious homeland: "Ukraine PM calls on Canadian investors to help displace oligarchs" and "Free Trade For The Birds — How The Canadian Government Forces Ukraine To Repay $400 Million In Loans, Prime Minister Harper Collects Ukrainian Votes, And Ukrainian-Canadians Get Rich At Their Countrymen’s Expense"  You have to enjoy the fact that the only businessmen crookeder than Ukrainian businessmen are Ukrainian-Canadian businessmen.

"German Company is Top Tax Evader in Greece"

Tweet (U.S. Dept. of Fear):
"LIVE (with English interpretation): Greek parliament debates transfer of to our financial partners. "

They sure folded fast:  "Greek Parliament Passes Bailout Legislation"

The idea that they literally had no choice but to fold as the neo-liberal-controlled central bank held all the keys to the only escape route (though the Greek government should have been aware of this from the get-go) :  "Billmon: The Eurosystem's (Monetary) Control of Europe's Politics".  If so, a violent revolution will eventually be required as there is no possible parliamentary solution.

"The Official Rwanda Story Unravels"  Strangely like the spin on the Srebrenica story.

"ISIL Antiquities: Looking at that "Smoking Gun""  "the ‘first material proof’ that Islamic State is trafficking antiquities"

"US NED Ignores Saudi Barbarism"  "US/Israeli/Saudi ‘Behavior’ Problems"

"Dr. Brenner on US Iran Policy"  Note the six questions.  The good thing about all the lies of the Jew-controlled media is that Iran was able to obtain a deal without having to give up anything it had or wanted, with the negotiation really consisting of how much access Iran would have to give to American and Jewish spies posing as inspectors.

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