Wednesday, July 29, 2015


From a review on Yelp of River Bluff Dental which will surely be removed by Yelp so here it is:
"Went in for a routine cleaning with Dr. Palmer, but he kept insisting that I take an anesthetic.  I was confused and refused, but then he offered me a steak (I LOVE steak) so of course I said yes and before I knew it I was super sleepy and passed out.

When I came to, he was pointing a crossbow at me and I had those cartoonish "cut lines" drawn around my neck. Awkwaaaaaard.

Needless to say, I will not be coming back again.  2 Stars because the steak WAS quite good."
"The New Great Game: The West, Uyghers and China"  Wasteful, pernicious nonsense is about all the Americans can do these days.

"American exceptionalists back in charge?"  Ditto.  It is less confusing to call them neocons.

"Turkey’s Focus on Crushing Kurd Extremists Complicates ISIS Efforts"  The 'Kurd extremists' are the only group that has had any success at fighting Sunni extremists.  I always misread her last name as Barnyard, probably because of all the shit.

"Reactions to news that Pollard the traitor will go free"  His sentence is up - Barry is just not going to make a fuss about it.  Again, comments reflecting the fact that Americans are completely fed up with being all Jewed up.  See also:  "Rand Paul turned into a hawk on Iran and libertarians are burning his stuff"

"NDP Cautiously Differentiates Itself From Tories And Grits On Palestinian Human Rights"  Paul Dewar is a good man and I would hope will lead the party some day.

"Anonymous releases hacked CSIS document after member’s death, threatens to leak ‘stunning secrets’"  Canada is burning money on quite the large secret intelligence boondoggle.

"Palestinian girl whom Merkel caused to cry wants to abolish Israel"  Amen.

"Vulliamy and Hartmann on Srebrenica: A Study in Propaganda"

"There Goes the Neighborhood"  Casebook study of modern American manipulation.  Note the Pritzker money.

"The Making of the American Police State"  Step by step history of the class war.

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