Saturday, August 15, 2015

Best-Known Brand on Earth

"Advice for Donald Trump from the genius behind Rob Ford: Keenan"  "Why Trump, Corbyn and Sanders Are Doing Well"  I think Trump is the first clickbait candidate.  You don't have to agree with him at all as long as he provides an easy and momentary diversion.

Dog not barking in the night - Spy Magazine and others hinted at an enormous amount of really serious dirt to be dug up on Donald, yet the dirty tricksters of American politics are completely silent.

"Israeli Concern That Jeremy Corbyn As Labour Leader Would Reinstate UK Law on Universal Jurisdiction" You have to wonder if we're finally seeing the return of politicians who aren't out-and-out, bribed and/or blackmailed, traitors.

"Downfall of Phyllis Wise shows high cost of doing Israel lobby’s bidding"  Her ruination needs to be a cautionary tale for other university administrators suffering from acute shekelitis.

Tweet (Steven Salaita):
"If the current mess at UIUC teaches us anything, it's that suppression of pro-Palestine speech always involves corruption and hypocrisy."
"How Canada caved during Pacific trade deal talks in Hawaii: Geist" Harper is a traitor. It was a big mistake for the 0.1% to fail to get that 'trade' deal pushed through within a couple weeks of the Barry fast-track trick.

"The Zabadani deal: what Western human rights organziations and Western correspondents don't report"

"Thomas Friedman’s Bizarre Moral Universe: Defending Israel in The NY Times"  Friedman isn't a traitor, because, obviously, as a Jew he can only really have allegiance to his one true homeland.

"Disgusting Right Wing Tweets Edition: Debbie Schlussel"  The grave-side victory dance of supremascists is never elegant.

"Narrative And Reality Of The U.S. War On Syria"  By the way, despite repeated attempts of the Jew-controlled media to assert Putin has thrown Assad under the bus, there is no evidence to support it.  In fact, Putin's massive world-wide popularity rests on his steadfastness in sticking with his friends, and consistency in planning and purpose.  The Russian alliance with the Syrian government remains a big part of the larger Russian geopolitical plans.  Various American-Zionist stooges can peel off the hinterlands, but there is no way to dislodge the Syrian government from its base territory.

""Putin" Named Best-Known Brand on Earth, Beats Apple and Coca-Cola"
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