Sunday, August 16, 2015

Disgraceful, disrespectful and unjust

As always, it is rare to see the truth anywhere.  Comment by Mulga Mumblebrain to a Saker piece:
"Red Ryder, the idea is to break Syria into pieces. The Israeli plan, the infamous Oded Yinon blueprint based on Ben-Gurion and Herzl’s ambitions, and reiterated often since, is to destroy the states of the region and fracture them into powerless fragments, along sectarian and ethnic lines. Syria is designed to have two mutually antagonistic Sunni states, one based on Aleppo, and one in Damascus, an Alawite canton, and a Kurd enclave. The hundreds of thousands of dead, as the Yesha Council of Rabbis and Torah Sages decreed, are mitzvot, or religiously sanctioned good deeds, sacrificed on the altar of Eretz Yisrael."

The schizophrenic American approach allows for multiple interpretations.  There are certainly those in the American government, particularly in the Pentagon, who think that backing the Zionist-Ottoman-Wahhabist approach - i.e, helping the worst possible American enemies slaughter American allies - is nuts. "Syria: The Rhetoric And The Truth – Thierry Meyssan/"

"Why Harper (and friends) are a bigger threat than IS: Burman"  "NDP would lead a minority government if elections held today, Tories slip to third: Léger poll"

Much better than the ubiquitous Zionist propaganda we are fed:  "Saudi Arabia, Russia and Iran: Gulf players willing to abandon old narratives" by M.K. Bhadrakumar.  Some Saudi princes are starting to worry about what happens when they can no longer bribe their population not to cut their heads off.

"Netanyahu and His Marionettes"  I'm sure he doesn't care, but Schumer's rather straightforward treason is rankling more feathers than you might have expected.

Free Palestine Movement is definitely not a phony front for ultra-Zionism like JVP and so many others:  "Free Palestine Movement Resignation from the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation":
"Please be advised that the Free Palestine Movement resigns from the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, effective immediately.

We resign because of the disgraceful, disrespectful and unjust treatment of Alison Weir and her organization, If Americans Knew, in the procedures to expel her from the Campaign on the spurious grounds of insufficient avoidance of anti-Semitic persons and institutions."
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